Gina McKnight, CRS, GRI, ABR


Designations: CRS (Residential Specialist)
GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute)
ABR (Accredited Buyer Representation)

Letter of Recommendation: Testimonial by Jude Southerland and Rande Kessler:

We have been married 35 years and have moved 32 times. So we consider ourselves fairly good judges of real estate agents. Selling and buying homes has been a large part of our lives, and if our count is correct, we have had 16 different realtors in 16 different states.

In 2010, at the height of the housing crisis, my husband's company (like so many others) went out of business, and we were forced to sell our lovely home in Dothan, Alabama. We immediately went to a friend of 30 years who worked for a large and well-known real estate firm and asked her to represent us. She agreed, telling us all the while that we would never sell our house in that market... that we would end up in foreclosure. After several months of dealing with her negative attitude and her failure to show the home, we asked God to show us someone who could help us. We were led to Gina McKnight.

Gina was a true miracle. She was, from the first meeting with her, positive that she could sell our house, despite the fact that every other block in town bore a sign that read, "Foreclosure" or "Short Sale." Gina analyzed the market and selected a fair price, gave several open houses, sent out e-mails and invitations to realtors, made sure that our home was not only in the MLS but also in and every other site on the internet, and so much more! She made sure that information about our home was available over the phone by dialing a simple number where prospective buyers could hear a recording about the house and its interior. She put our home on the digital sign at her office. No stone was left unturned by this amazing and dynamic lady.

The house didn't sell overnight and along the road we encountered many obstacles. One of many dilemmas that we faced was a man who posed as a client in order to rob us. (He was finally caught and arrested.) Gina worked with us, shoulder to shoulder, to help the police catch him. Many hours of her time were spent helping us track this man down, and she had nothing to gain from this. That's the kind or person Gina is, day in and day out.

I wish I could tell you that my husband and I always had a good attitude about our home sale, but there were many times when preposterous and insulting offers came in that made us bitter. I remember crying in Gina's office. Let me assure you, Gina was always positive and upbeat. No matter what happened, Gina was sure that something good would come from our trials. It did.

With Gina's help, we sold our home in December 2010, and were able to move on. On our cul-de-sac in Dothan, there were four homes for sale at that time. Ours is the ONLY on that sold.

Gina has our unequivocal endorsement, not only for her professionalism and her never-say-die attitude, but also for her positive and uplifting spirit that offers hope. You will enjoy working with her and will find that she just won't take "no" for an answer. She will get the job done.

We are proud to recommend her. Gina rocks.


Jude Southerland Kessler

Rande Kessler

Office: (334) 699-1999
Cell: (334) 714-9787
Fax: (334) 699-1777